Rights Deprived

• The status of depressed class was denied to NDTs after independence.

• Over 270 Kallar’s Special Cooperative Societies were abolished the economic empowerment was denied which had all the potential to become leading commercial bank.

• Over 3500 acres reserved for assignment to the Piramalai Kallars were not distributed to Piramalai Kallars.

• Over 1000 of acres assigned to the various missionaries only to undertake welfare measures among the Piramalai Kallars are hijacked by other people.

Vide GO. M.S 1310 dated 30.7.1979 of social welfare department, Government of Tamilnadu the nomenclature of Denotified Criminal Tribes was changed to Denotified Community.

Vide GO. M.S. 28 dated 19.07.1994 of the backward class and Most backward class department the Christian Piramalai Kallars were denied to be treated as DNT.

• Vide GO 7 dated 15.2.1999 of the backward class and Most backward class department has denied the claim of appointing only persons belonging to Piramalai Kallar as Teachers in Kallar Reclamation Schools and rather imposed the communal roster in the recruitment to be made in the Kallar Reclamation department.

• The number of Kallar Reclamation schools were not increased in proportion to the growth in other schools.

• The Kallar Reclamation schemes were not provided with adequate fund even to run the day to day administration.

• Many schools and Hostels opened exclusively for Piramalai Kallars were abandoned.

• The special sports fund allotted every year for organizing sports events among Piramalai Kallars were stopped after independence.

• The state government abandoned the Amatchiya Puram major irrigation project via railway line to Usilampatti Taluk from Vaigai Dam.

• The Thirumangalam Main canal irrigation projected was diverted from its original plan and deprived the major irrigation facilities of major portion of the Piramalai Kallars Community.

• The demand of Pappapatti 58 villages’ irrigation project was denied for 4 decades and under implementation for last 2 decade without any hope of ever delivering single drop of water into these dry regions.

• Even the portion of Piramalai Kallar land being irrigated through Vaigai Dam is not released as per entitlement and only when there is surplus, it is released and there is no equitable distribution of the available water.

The voluntary Kallar fund was wound up without any reason.

• The employment bureau established under the Kallar Reclamation Scheme has been abolished.

• The service entitlement card issued to the Piramalai Kallar has also been discontinued.

• The common community properties of the Piramalai Kallars were not managed by the state properly with result all the hard earned properties of the community had been vaporized.