A. Proposal

1. It is proposed that a academic cum cultural cum public programme shall be organized on the occasion of completion of 100 years of imposition of the CT Act on the Piramalai Kallars on 04.05.2014. The imposition of CT Act on PK uprooted them from their soil , destroyed their livelihood, depressed them to the last rung of the society, and which has created indelible social stigma of criminal tribes.

B. Objective.

i) To bring to lime light the mass suffering of the PK due to imposition of CT Act till date.

ii) To create true awareness about the social standing of the PK by involving them in the programme.

iii) To project the case of DNTs for separate reservation in the state and centre with constitutional and statutory safeguards.

iv) To collect and display the rich ancient indigenous aboriginal cultural heritage of the PK and to preserve them.

v) To make an attempt to wipe out the hell lot of misconception about the PK.

vi) To strengthen the demand for affirmative actions of DNTs by inviting various leaders.

vii) To collect and compile all the historical records/objects of PK.

viii) To make an attempt to create a common platform for PK to work on the project of affirmative action irrespective of their political and ideological difference.

ix) To unite the individual efforts of the PK so that it is turned into a mass based collective efforts with critical momentum to ascertain its rights and restore its due place in the society.

C. The proposed timing of the programme:

3.5.2014 to 5.5.2014 ( 4th and 5th being Saturday and Sunday)

D. The proposed activities of the programme

I. To call for research papers from all the interested scholars to be presented in the seminar to be organized on 3.05.2014 to 04.05.2014.The seminar shall be organized both in Tamil and English. On the first day the seminar shall be in Tamil and on the second day the seminar shall be in English. For scholars from other districts boarding and lodging shall be arranged at Madurai/Nagamalai/university Gust House.

II. There shall be cultural exhibition of Piramalai Kallars history and life depicting the socio-economic status of the Piramalai Kallars. The Exhibition shall display all the arte facts and the lost tools/equipments/weapons/ornaments/implements shall be reconstructed based on proto-models and attempts shall be made to collect all the ancient cultural aspects of Piramalai Kallars.

III. All the literature shall be collected and stalls shall be arranged for sale and free distribution depending upon the sponsorship.IV. One day shall be organized as sports day to depict all the martial arts of the Piramalai Kallars and on the same day prizes shall be distributed and books and CDs shall be released.

V. On the last day there shall be a public meeting and the same shall be addressed by political/media personalities.

VI. The Leaders from all the communities shall be invited with special emphasize on DNTs.

VII. The Focus of the function shall be to highlight the need for Affirmative action for DNTs especially separate reservation in service, education, judiciary and private sector and other economic empowerment schemes.

VIII. An apolitical organization/institution shall be established preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Piramalai cultures and to render all legal protection to all the Piramalai kallars.

IX. To launch a free web site to provide a on line platform to share and sharpen the knowledge of the community as effectively as possible.

X. On all the days there shall be screening of the films/documentaries of Piramalai Kallars, CT Act etc.

XI. All the Reclamation schools may be involved through organizing suitable competitions and making them to visit and study the exhibitions.

XII. There should be media briefing and press meet.

E. The proposed Topics seminar:

i) Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of PK with special focus on comparative studies,

ii) CT Act and the impact of CT Act,

iii) The social stigma of PK till date.

iv) The human rights violation against PK,

v) The socio-economic status of PK,

vi) The Political status of PK,

vii) The Cultural uniqueness of PK,

viii) The PKs genology, kinship system, Marriage, Panchayats, inheritance, deviations, social control,

ix) Inter relation with other communities and culture

x) The reference to PK in Sangam literatures, Bhakthi Literature, and modern literature,

xi) The contribution of PK to the freedom struggle,

xii) The PKs roll in INA,

xiii) The status of settlement Kallars,

xiv) The need for affirmative action to PK,

xv) The legal implication of separate reservation of PK and its pros and cons

xvi) The misconception about PK by the other communities the cause and effect of the same,

xvii) The DNA discovery and its significance.

xviii) The status of PK women.

xix) The Kallar Reclamation works, scope, coverage, changes and impacts

xx) The problems of the migrating PKs

xxi) The efforts of various leaders to improve the status of PKs etc.

F. The proposed team for the programme:

i) A team of experienced and interested seniors members of community to guide, steer and monitor the programme

ii) A team of dedicated apolitical dynamic youth who can devote their time so that the plight of the PK is brought to the lime light during this election year by executing the scheme within a period of 3 months.

iii) The team members shall be from all the existing community organizations of Tamilnadu, other parts of the country and abroad.

iv) A special media team to project the case of PK both in print and electronic and social network media.

v) Interested NGOs purely on voluntary basis may be involved in creating awareness.

vi) A team of active SHGs can be tapped to make the programme mass based.

G. The proposal for inviting leaders/personalities for the programme:

i) To make an attempt to invite the Heads of state/government/local bodies/districts.

ii) To invite all the heads of national, regional parties of all wrings/schools.

iii) To invite all the social works/academic faculties who had contributed to the works of DNTs and PKs.

iv) To invite all community leaders/representatives from the DNTs both in TN and Other states.

v) To invite all the official/academic/creative personalities of PKs.

vi) To invite all the individuals/their families who have contributed for the betterment of the PKs and honour them.

H. The proposed financial aspect of the programme:

i. Separate bank account shall be opened and all the money shall be collected and deposited in the account on the same day.

ii. The list of donors and state of expenditure and balance shall be updated and uploaded in the web site every day.

iii. No room shall be given for any allegations of irregularity in respect of money collected in the name of community and the account shall be subjected to community auditing.

iv. The tentative conservative estimate of the programme is Rs. 5 lakhs.

v. The voluntary donors viz. Chief Engineer Elangovan and Dr. Jebamani have offered Rs. 10000/- each.

vi. Similar contribution may be raised from the interested people.

vii. The interested persons may be requested to sponsor an event/seminar/exhibition/sports. Etc.