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The Piramalai Kallar Tribes of Tamilnadu is the most neglected denotified criminal tribe and aboriginal and primitive tribe of India. The Piramalai Kallar Tribe is the most patriotic, independent and egalitarian community and worst victims of systematic discrimination, social exclusion, criminalization, marginalization, human rights violation, and atrocities by both the hegemonic imperial foreign Ruler and biased, prejudiced state and central governments after independents. As result they remain highly backward in socio-economic-political-educational-health status mainly due to marginalization and alienation of this tribe by the main stream society.

The social economic and educational backwardness of the Piramalai Kallar Tribe has been well documented by the British Administrators in various reports submitted to the then Government, particularly in the report submitted by then Superintendent of Police of then Madura District Mr. E.B Love Luck in 1919 and Mr. T.E. Moir, then labour Commissioner report in 1920 and the tribal character of the Piramalai Kallar Tribe also have been well document by renowned anthropologist, Sociologist and Historians both in the past such as Prof Thurston, E (1906 Ethnographic Notes in South India, Madras) and Prof Louis Dumont (1950 Kinship and alliance among the Piramalai Kallar) and Prof. Anand Pandian, Department of Anthropology, Jonhs Hopkins University on the social- economic status of the settlement Kallars in Cumbam Valley of Theni District (Crooked Stalks: Cultivating Virtue in South India -Duke University Press, 2009, and Oxford University Press India, 2010) and well documented work of R Sundravanthiyathevan, a Piramalai Kallar social thinker(Life and History of Piramalai Kallar 2011). Similarly the adverse impact of various suppressive measures such imposition of Criminal Tribes Act 1911 are well documented by the Department of History, Madurai Kamaraj University by Prof Jeyaraj and his Ph. D Scholars, Dr. Maheshwari on Criminal Tribes Act (2002) and Dr. P Jeganathan on the Kallar Panchayat System in Colonial Tamilnadu (2006).

Despite meeting all the conditions of the tribal community, the Piramalai Kallar Tribes continue to be denied the status of scheduled tribes and the above stated documents and historical records are never examined by the concerned authorities. As this Piramalai Kallar Tribes have been systematically terrorized and alienated from the mainstream and remain voiceless for last 60 years and their demand for due recognition and extension of constitutional and legislative benefits to this most deserving Piramalai Kallar Tribes fell in deaf ears. As the present government has constituted a High Level Committee to examine the impact of various measures taken by the state on the lives of the Indian tribes, our organization wish to use this opportunity and submit the present socio economic status of the Piramalai Kallar and make specific practicable and effective proposals to improve the socio-economic status of the marginalized, backward, primitive, aboriginal, denotified criminal tribe of the Piramalai Kallar Tribe.

Keeping in view of the all India nature of the committee, we submit only a brief report of the status of the Piramalai Kallar Tribe and it is requested to allot time for presentation in person by our representatives before the High Level Committee along with all the supporting documents.

The report has been divided into eight chapters along with Appendix of some of the supporting documents and photographs and to make the report reader friendly, the data are not loaded in the report and the same shall be presented during oral submission.

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November 27, 2020, 5:04 pm IST