As submitted supra the people of Piramalai Kallar Tribes are lacking behind in all respects of life, a holistic, effective and specific legislative and policy measures needs to be taken to improve their socio-economic status and thus the following proposals are submitted for the kind consideration of the High Level Committee for strong recommendation to the central Government for immediate implementation.

a) Legislative measures.

1. As the Piramalai Kallar Tribes meet all the criteria of a schedule Tribes, the High Level committee should recommend to the Government to issue presidential notification to include the Piramalai Kallar Tribes as Schedule Tribes under Article 342 of the Constitution of India and extent all the benefits as being extend to the Schedule Tribes.

2. As the DNT constitute 15 crore population of India, they should be treated as specially disadvantaged groups, accordingly the Constitution of India should amended to incorporate this section of people as a special category and insert the word DNT after the words SC/ST wherever it appears especially in Article 15, 16, 17, 46, 243, 244, 300 to 342 and 371, schedule V of the constitution of India.

3. The nomenclature of Piramalai Kallars should be changed as Piramalai Aboriginals (Piramalai Athikudi in Tamil).

4. The state government should give 5 % reservation to DNT as given by Maharashtra Government to Vimukthi Jati.

5. The area of the DNT should be declared as scheduled area and included in the Schedule V of the Constitution of India in all states and the article 371 should be amended to include special status to the scheduled area of DNT of Tamilnadu also by making necessary amendment in the Article 371 of the Constitution of India.

6. The SC/ST(Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 should be amended as suggested by the National commission of DNT to include DNT also under the protective umbrella of the said Act that will go a long way in preventing serious human rights violation against the DNT due to aged old Stigma and preconceived notions.

7. All the discriminative laws like Habitual Offenders Act etc, which are having adverse impact on the lives and livelihood of the DNT should be repealed/amended immediately because existence of such anarchic law is against the mandate of the Constitution of India and various UN declaration on the rights of Primitive and Indigenous Tribes.

8. Implement all the 76 recommendation of the Renke Commission report -2008 with in a time frame.

b) Policy Measures

1. As stated above due to change of nomenclature of the Primitive and indigenous Tribes in General and Piramalai Kallar Tribes in particular has let to deprival of various legislative and welfare entitlement of these backward tribes because the Government of Tamilnadu vide its GO MS 1310 dated 30.07.1979 of Social Welfare Department has issued that “the word Tribe shall not be used for the Denotified, Nomadic and semi nomadic Tribes in future and Instead they shall be called as the Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-nomadic Communities�? only. This has been done mainly relying on the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs letters No. 11019/18/78- SCT V dated 4.11.78 and No. BC. 11026/2/79 SC BCD III dated 20.03.1979. Above all the reason cited for such decision is patently illegal, perverse and prima facie the political malice is writ large on the face of the said GO 1310 because after all the said national commission has only emphasized that besides SC/ST there are 258 communities throughout the country and only these communities are called Backward class and in the report written it has used the word the community instead of Tribes and at any rate that does not mean it has directed the stated government to issue GO changing the nomenclature of these Tribes. Therefore the central government immediately issue policy letter withdrawing the above mentioned Ministry of Home Affairs letter if any and direct the concerned state governments to withdraw such a mischievous GOs forthwith.

2. All the central and state government policy on the legislative and welfare aspects of DNT must be consolidated and a National Policy on DNT must be redrawn keeping in view various rights recognized by the various International Bodies.

3. The policy of the central and state government must be widely published and all the stock holders such as Government Machineries, Civil Societies and the people of concerned tribes must be sensitized.

4. A separate Website should hosted by the both the central and state government disclosing all the policy measures of the government and a single window for all the welfare activities of DNTs must be created.

5. The Government should involve all the communities of the DNTs at all stage of policy formulation, implementation and evaluation so that it does not destroy their age old rich culture and heritage and at the same time keep them advance in all respect of life according to the time.

c) Institutional set up.

1. As recommended by the National Commission for DNTs and accepted by NAC and Technical Group of the Ministry of tribal Welfare a Permanent statutory Commission should be established at national level and state level to protect the rights of the DNTs and monitor the measures being taken by the governments to improve the status of the DNTs, 2. Separate Ministry of the DNT Welfare should be created at the central and state government to implement various special programmes for the DNTs.

3. National and State level financial Corporation with adequate seed capital should be established to finance various enterprise of the DNT people.


1. All the reservation benefits extend to STs should be extend to DNTs by including them as ST.

2. All the DNTs should be treated as a special group and reservation should be provided in central and state government services, public Sectors companies, Banks, Private companies etc.

3. The Reservation benefits in promotion also should be extended to DNT.

4. Above all there should reservation to DNT in the judiciary including in the lower judiciary and higher judiciary and in prosecution agencies.

5. There must be separate reservation in all schools, colleges, IIT, IIM, AIMS, NITs, Central, and State University both for students, faculties and in the educational administration.

6. Only teachers belonging to Piramalai Kallar tribes should be appointed as Teachers in the Schools run by the Kallar Reclamation so that the unique culture of the Piramalai Kallar is preserved which has been appreciated as the best system by all the sociologist of the world.

7. There should be reservation in representative bodies to DNT such as in Lok Shaba, Rajaya Shaba, State legislative assembly, counsel and Local Bodies


1. As there is no higher educational institutions of over a million population of one Taluk in Madurai District alone, at least one arts college with all the courses of science and arts, one Engineering college in all three district of Madurai, Theni, Dindigul were the Piramalai Kallar predominantly reside.

2. The number of schools under the Kallar Reclamation should be increased in commensurate with the national standard.

3. The majority of teachers must be recruited from among the Piramalai Kallar as the culture of the Piramalai Kallar is unique and acknowledged by the experienced anthropologist that it is highly impossible to outsiders to understand the cultural ethos of this primitive Tribes and at the same time they have evolved very robust institution of social living which needs to be preserved before it is lost in the wave of globalization.

4. In order to enhance the employability of this Tribes in market economy who are mostly outside the main stream economy, numbers of specialized ITI, Polytechnic colleges, nursing, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry, IT and handicraft skill importing institutions should be established in the areas where the Piramalai Kallars are predominantly settled.

5. Special Coaching Centre for Piramalai Kallar students to appear in various central and state competitive examinations should be established. 6. The student of Piramalai Kallar in general and girls in particulars should be provided 100% free higher/professional education including free boarding and lodging facilities and they should be given financial assistance to undertake higher studies in foreign countries also.

7. In order to ensure the social movements of the Piramalai Kallar, an employment bureau should be established who shall ensure that the willing Piramalai Kallar shall get a job according to his skill and qualification.


1. First and for most steps must be to provide assured irrigation facilities to the farmers of Piramalai Kallar as 90 percent of the Piramalai Kallar are engaged in agriculture and out of which 60 per cent of them depend on rain fed cultivation and due to frequent failures of the monsoon, these farmers could not get anything worth mentioning out of their labour for past 40 years, therefore the following steps must be taken on wars footing:-

a) All the major irrigation schemes in the Madura region were proposed by the British Government mainly to improve the life of the Piramalai Kallar but unfortunately the better off section of the regions were able to divert all the schemes for their betterment and the most of the Piramalai Kallar remain dry land farmers, therefore , the possibility of restoring the original plan so that the entire area of Piramalai Kallar is also covered under the major irrigation schemes

b) To construct canal as proposed from Amatchiyapuram near Andipatti via the present Railway line to Usilampatti Taluk;

c) Completion of Pappapatti 58 village canal project;

d) Constructing dams in the foot hills of Varusanadu Hills;

e) Increasing the Storage capacity of Mullai Periyar Dam to its full capacity;

f) Steps to augment groundwater level in this region by creating more number of community ponds and farm ponds; vi) Providing all modern water saving equipments free of cost to Piramalai Kallar farmers; vii) Encouraging cultivation of non water loving crops by providing incentives and subsidies.

2. As there is no single industries in the entire regions of Piramalai Kallar, in order to make them to fit in the globalised economy the following measures must be taken immediately:-

i) Financial Corporation to advance interest free loan to Piramalai Kallars to start major and medium industries.

ii) Special Economic Zone exclusively to Piramalai Kallar with 100% tax free facilities and permit the have 49% partnership with other corporations/companies.

iii) Assistance to establishing agro based industries in general and food proceeding industries in particular.

iv) Separate marketing societies with all the state of art facilities to increase the profitability of the farmers of Piramalai Kallar.

v) To establish 100% women employed public sector companies in the Piramalai Kallar regions to do justice to the worst victims of social discrimination in the whole world.

vi) To open special co-operative societies/banks/micro credit institutions exclusively to Piramalai Kallars.

vii) As the most of the farmers are asset less, steps should be taken to allot them free house site and free green house to all Piramalai Kallars and separate building cooperative societies to serve the needs of the Piramalai Kallars.

viii) All the villages of Piramalai Kallar must be provided with basic amenities/infrastructure such as Portable Drinking water, Primary Health Centers, Schools, Anganwadi centers, Post Office, Transport, Road, Electricity, Community hall, threshing floors, storehouse, Library, sports facilities, cyber cafes, housing etc.


a) The women of the Piramalai Kallars are the worst affected victims of triple discrimination of the present social structure, numbers of educational and employment measures must be taken.

b) As the most of the welfare schemes are out of the reach of the Piramalai Kallar, in the line of special components for SC/ST, there should be special component in all the schemes of central and state government in proportion to their population with minimum of 10 per cent in other district. c) The social security schemes should be extended to all Piramalai Kallar irrespective of their economic status because due to cultural factors even senior citizens of affordable families are abandoned and made to struggle, thus there should be universal coverage of all social welfare schemes such as old age pension, widow assistance, disability assistance etc.