After Independence

It is painful to state that after independence, due to various historical and political reasons, the most deserving section of the society, Piramalai Kallar was neglected in every respects, as stated supra even the Kallar Reclamation Schemes implemented under harijans welfare department was not allowed to function under the said department and it was transferred to social welfare department. However, willy-nilly, only the Kallar Reclamation schools were allowed to run and even in implementing the general welfare schemes, the area settled by the Piramalai Kallar, is the most neglected area. In the meanwhile, despite all handicaps, due to the community efforts under the leadership of PK Mukkaiya Thevar, one Arts college was established in the year 1970 but the same is yet to deliver quality education for want of facilities and funds. Rather after independence all the special schemes as listed infra had been discontinued making the socio economic conditions of the Piramalai Kallar very pathetic as explained in the chapter on present socio economic conditions of Piramalai Kallar.